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Open Cloud Factory Industrial Cybersecurity, a cybersecurity vendor founded in Spain, is accepted into the Basque government’s’ BIND4.0 accelerator program

Madrid, January 11, 2019.- Open Cloud Factory Industrial Cybersecurity, a cybersecurity vendor founded in Spain, gets to be present in the BIND4.0 accelerator program, which will promote technological innovation in Basque companies. The program promoted by the Basque Government, in which 524 companies have submitted applications, and only 32 startups have got to reach the final process.

Open Cloud Factory has a great journey and great presence in the IT world. with subsidiaries in Mexico, Brazil and since last February in the Basque Country. It assumes new challenge in which the visibility and control in the world of Operational Technologies (OT), it carries out the launching of its Adaptable Digital Defense solution, a solution oriented to a map of the corporate networks of the industrial enviroments , and obtaining an easy reading of the assets connected to its network and the basis for future more advanced digital security features in the networks. With this step forward, the company is committed to show a common strategy of cybersecurity, encompassing both the IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology).

In declarations by Xavier Gonzalez, CTO & Co-founder: “We have been observing that Spanish industrial companies are defenseless against cyber attacks, and some are unaware of the risks they face, and cybersecurity vendors are under an obligation to continue investigating and innovating so these companies can obtain complete security of their industrial systems”

During the past year, the National Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (CNPIC), predicted cyber offensives against Spanish strategic facilities (nuclear power plants, transport or communications as main sectors), exceeding 700 incidents.

For Open Cloud Factory Industrial Cybersecurity, participating in this acceleration program BIND 4.0 adds to some of the milestones obtained by OCF until 2018. In the IT field, the company was awarded with the competitive SME Instrument program (SME INSTRUMENT PH1)

MINECO granted them the appointment of innovation for SMEs, and the consultancy Gartner qualified them in 2017/18, as the only European solution in NAC technology.

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