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Open Cloud Factory is certified by CCN-CERT & included in the STIC Product Catalog (CPSTIC)

Madrid, December 10, 2018.- Open Cloud Factory, a multinational security company founded in Spain, gets its inclusion in the STIC Product Catalog (CPSTIC), which offers a list of TIC security products, with proven security guarantees to Public Sector agencies, or private entities that provide services to them and that are affected by the National Security Scheme (ENS).

Just a year ago, the creation of a Security Product Catalog for Information and Communication Technologies, CPSTIC, was launched within the framework of the STIC CCN-CERT 2017, in order to present the list of STIC products of reference , supervised by the National Cryptologic Center, CCN, with which it is intended to offer a minimum level of confidence to the end user who buys these products.

Open Cloud Factory, has had to fulfill a series of criteria in its openNAC Enterprise solution, designed to control all the connected assets in the corporate networks of companies, allowing them to obtain real visibility and control of them. This classification has led to the solution to pass through all the filters that are applied within the STIC Product Catalog, in addition to passing the laboratory evaluation according to the Common Criteria methodology (internationally recognized standard for evaluating safety functions and the level of a product’s confidence).

In declarations CEO and founder at Open Cloud Factory, Albert Estrada i Capilla: “Getting this inclusion in the catalog of products of the CCN, fills us with pride, in addition to get it at this time of year, makes us reflect, although 2018 has been a year of great professional effort, we began to obtain great results”

Also, MINECO granted them the appointment of innovation for SMEs, and the consultancy Gartner qualified them in 2017/18, as the only European solution in NAC technology.

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