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How to optimize your organization’s current IT security model?

Until very recently, security threats in organizations could be managed with a limited number of solutions comprehensively addressing risks with a high success rate.

Unfortunately, times have not only changed, but they continue to do so at tremendous speed. This fact has generated a technological impulse that has given cyberattacks a critical higher level of importance on which both the business operation and its growth hinge.

As a consequence, security is no longer limited to technological solutions, it also needs qualified personnel and adequate response mechanisms if effectiveness is on-demand at all times. This is what makes the security organizational architecture a determining element for business enablement/progress, and for that reason, their demands must be met satisfactorily and vigorously.

Here are our recommendations to optimize your security model:

The fulfillment of security teams objectives are a critical factor in business enablement / growth, take them seriously

In many cases, and we had already written about this, the security area is seen as an obstacle to certain initiatives.

Of course, this is a setback, as the aim of computer security is to support the development of the organization.


Implementing security solutions that integrate well into existing mechanisms

A large number of organizations prefer to acquire the most popular and household name solutions without calculating the additional costs that these may generate when integrating into their current security architecture. This is a calculation fault that can result in significant economic losses over time, factor it in.


Have a solid and complete incident response plan and optimize its times

One of the most common reasons why response times to incidents are long in some companies is due to the fact that there are solutions from different suppliers that do not communicate with each other properly or not at all. This is why it is imperative to maintain simple and clear communication channels between each point.

Finally, by keeping in mind these three simple but essential practices, you will be able to optimize your security model to give a significant impulse in strengthening your company’s cybersecurity posture.

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