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Our partners

Our partners has a standout opportunity in the market: the benefits of our modular, unique technology, as well as an extensive partner program create opportunities on end client’s business.

Working together, we create standout opportunities

With in-depth knowledge of the end client’s business, our partners can leverage our modular technology to adapt their offers and services to respond to current needs and to the dynamic reality of customers over time.

logo dangerProblems

1 · High-speed digitalisation process and remote access (attack surface)

2 · Increased regulatory demands

3 · Complexity with few resources: independent solutions

4 · Over-dependence on a vendor (vendor lock-in)

5 · All or nothing: buy 100% of a solution to use just 30% or 40%

icono objetivo dianaImpact

1 · Inadequate security perimeter

2 · Implementing rapid changes

3 · Teams are unable to manage advanced controls

4 · Standards evolve rapidly

5 · Very high risk

icono checkSolutions
  • Modular solution that adapts to the needs of the client in line with the maturity and ability of the workforce
  • Offers that complement the partner’s existing portfolio of products and services

Our formula: partner acquisition

Open Cloud Factory

  • Innovative technology
  • Market recognition
  • Partner training


  • Resell: contract fulfilment
  • Contract renewal
  • Implementation, integration and training
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  • Consultancy and support: identification of new challenges

More than 20 trusted partnerships around the world

Our partners

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