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Whether it’s a security provider, a hardware vendor, a software vendor, or a cloud-based solution provider, Open Cloud Factory has several products, and a licensing model that can be adapted to your business needs, and needs security of its clients.

Easily integrate our technology into your product to increase the value of your solution

You can easily integrate and extract parts of our Open Cloud Factory technology, such as openNAC Enterprise, into your product or service, and offer it to your customers to increase the value of your solution and create additional sales opportunities for your business / enterprise development teams.

In this way, you can obtain, together with your solution, a more complete solution. If you want to include innovative solutions to your portfolio, Open Cloud Factory has private brand or brand new solutions both for our Network Access Control solution and for PCI email filtering solutions

License Models

1. Integration

Integre la tecnología de seguridad en tu producto / servicio

Integrate our technological capabilities of Network Access Control into hardware, software or web-based platforms. These integrations can cover different use cases and market needs.

Open Cloud Factory is considered by the technology consultancy Gartner, as the only European provider NAC in its market guide.


OpenNAC Enterprise is a 100% software solution, and is based on a complete Restful API. This means that integration is easy to complete and maintain.

Our NAC technology allows partners to increase their solutions creating additional value for the customer. From a commercial point of view, the partner can obtain an additional participation in the portfolio through cross sales and additional sales opportunities, and attract new businesses and with a new offer.

2. Rebranding

Cambia el nombre del producto con la marca de tu empresa, y ve al mercado con tus propias soluciones

It is not necessary to develop a security solution from scratch.

Take advantage of openNAC Enterprise or PCI Mail-Vault technology from Open Cloud Factory, and go out to the market with a much more complete product, and under your brand or use the brand solution to offer your clients more complete services,

which guarantee visibility , control of the network and compliance with the PCI-DSS email. Add your brand, adapting it to your own look & feel. With this simple way, you will obtain a security solution of your own, to provide your current or potential customers.

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