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Discovers, quantifies and classifies 100% of assets connected to a corporate network.

The OpenNAC Enterprise solution module helps your business discover, quantify and classify the assets connected to the network, thereby helping to define and manage the attack surface on corporate networks.

Main feautures

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Automates the discovery and inventory of 100% of devices connected to the corporate network (network asset inventory).

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Visualise network behaviour

Get real-time communication flows, the network protocols used and behaviour statistics.

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Profiling and classification

Automatic profiling and classification of devices connected to the network (asset classification) by assigning a type of connection (mobile, computer, camera, etc.), to establish access policies for devices.

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Adaptation to standards and frameworks

The Visibility module of the OpenNAC Enterprise solution supports the adaptation to standards and good practice frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST, ENS (National Security Scheme), etc.



Discovery: establish the sources of visibility.


Profiling: define asset profiling rules.


Definition of business rules: create policies for grouping assets.


See the results: extract value from the information compiled with Visibility.

Case use


Marta is one of those responsible for managing security incidents in a logistics company.


Today Marta has been informed of a new ransomware that spreads through iPads. The malicious code encrypts the files, preventing access to them and requests a payment to recover the file, which could be fatal to the company’s operations and reputation.


Marta had already identified a reported incident with similar symptoms. A security committee has been convened to define an action plan to prevent the further spread of ransomware and mitigate the impact of the incident.


OpenNAC Enterprise identifies tablets. Through the NGFW integration plug-in, these devices are isolated by modifying the group where they are included and the associated access permissions.


Marta proceeds to isolate the tablets until they are updated with the latest OS security patch that prevents infection and the spread of the attack. The company uses OpenNAC Enterprise and an NGFW to successfully carry out this action plan.


The company solves the incident in an exemplary manner thanks to the skill of its security team in leveraging the OpenNAC Enterprise + NGFW investment.

About the module

Algunos de nuestros clientes hablan sobre los resultados obtenidos tras la implementación del módulo de la solución OpenNAC Enterprise.

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OpenNAC Enterprise is the only modular access control and visibility solution for corporate networks on the market. The modules adapt smoothly and simply to the level of technological maturity of your company.

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