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The Universal Network Access Control (UNAC) module of the OpenNAC Enterprise solution simplifies access control to assets in VPNs, wired, Wi-Fi and application networks. It is a point of decision and policy application that delivers complete control over the network infrastructure.

Main feautures

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Definition and application of specific security policies

UNAC is a point of decision that allows the definition and application of policies (block, allow, restrict) depending on the type of device, user and criticality of the asset.

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Complete control over network infrastructure

Delivers complete control over network infrastructure regardless of whether it comprises numerous vendors and versions.

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Total authentication and authorization

Provides a global view through adaptive authentication and authorization: share and compile data via API connectivity.

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Evidence and traceability

The security orchestration and the data recorded by UNAC enable forensic investigation to determine who is connected and when, or the settings of a certain switch, etc.



The user receives an authentication challenge before being able to access corporate resources on the network.


The user uses their corporate credentials. You can also have your digital certificate associated to validate your identity.


The user receives the pertinent accesses according to their profile and will now be able to access the necessary resources to carry out their role in the organization.


Case use

UNAC caso de uso 1

Juanjo is the compliance officer at a government agency. A year ago, a law was passed obliging them to comply with an IT security standard, and consequently they have been implementing security measures for several months.

UNAC caso de uso 2

In the process of certifying the security standard, they have incorporated OpenNAC Enterprise to their technological infrastructure in order to comply with several security measures.

UNAC caso de uso 3

A few days ago, they began work on the first requirement, implementing actions related to access control, authentication and authorization of employees to the organization’s resources.

UNAC caso de uso 4

With the UNAC module, from OpenNAC Enterprise, they have incorporated a user authentication control linked to the identity of the employees which is centralized in the organization’s user database.

UNAC caso de uso 5

The implementation of this control has been an outright success and was achieved in record time. Users enter to consult the organization’s resources once their identity has been validated through their corporate credentials.

UNAC caso de uso 1

With OpenNAC Enterprise they are managing authorized access to the agency’s resources, they have complied with the security measures and the target of standard certification is on the right track.

About the module

Algunos de nuestros clientes hablan sobre los resultados obtenidos tras la implementación del módulo de la solución OpenNAC Enterprise.

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OpenNAC Enterprise is the only modular access control and visibility solution for corporate networks on the market. The modules adapt smoothly and simply to the level of technological maturity of your company.

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