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GUEST is the OpenNAC Enterprise module that authenticates external users on their personal devices.

External users and their devices go through an authentication and authorization process where security controls are implemented to grant access to the corporate network.

It offers connectivity to third parties (consultants, partners, etc.) with security controls to ensure the corporate network remains secure and restrict the attack surface.

Main feautures

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Adaptive security

Dynamically adapts your network to changing demands and the access permissions of numerous guest users. This way you can modify the access rights of multiple guest users.

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Regulatory compliance (GDPR)

Defines the security baseline required for access to the corporate network from any device (AV, FW, OS, etc.). Guaranteeing that partners and contractors comply with security criteria.

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Customized workflow

Add other steps to the sign-in process (internal sponsor, IT personnel confirmation …) and customize the captive portal for authentication.

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Reduced workload

Free up the IT department by automating the sign-in process with a customizable captive portal.



Deploy and customize the captive portal for authentication of external users.


Define the sponsor of connections from external users.


Define the security posture of the devices of external users.


Suppliers, contractors, guests and all external users are subject to a security check before accessing the corporate network.

Case use


Eva is part of the sales team at a multinational construction company and uses a network without password protection so that all clients can consult project information when they visit.

GUEST caso de uso 2

She has received a visit from a ‘client’, who turned out to be a competitor on a spying mission. She recognized her and noticed that she was connecting to the guest network to access information and steal clients.

GUEST caso de uso 3

Eva reported the case to the IT department and asked to be able to grant or deny access to this network and the data on it. In this way, she can first evaluate the client’s profile and then grant access to the information.

GUEST caso de uso 4

The construction company has OpenNAC Enterprise and has started implementing access control to the guest network. The control will be through a web portal and only the clients that are given access by the sales team via email will be able to access the information.

GUEST caso de uso 5

The web access portal for visiting clients has been a resounding success. It has been smartly customized, the sponsor for accessing information on the construction projects is the sales agent and the clients enjoy the feeling of a more personalized visit.

About the module

Algunos de nuestros clientes hablan sobre los resultados obtenidos tras la implementación del módulo de la solución OpenNAC Enterprise.

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