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Network Device Compliance

It serves as a solution for the adaptation to standards and good practice frameworks. It supports compliance with ISO27001, NIST, ENS, and other standards.

Network Device Compliance, an OpenNAC Enterprise module, is the perfect tool for automating and centralizing network device auditing, using baseline configurations and best practices.

Main feautures

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Simplifies and accelerates auditing

Verification of all network devices is carried out from a single solution and interface, making the job simpler and more efficient.

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Checks can be made on-demand or scheduled to align with auditing tasks.

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Supports adaptation to security standards and good practice frameworks

It implements the configuration verification rules required to adapt to standards and good practice frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST or ENS, among others.

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Secure implementation of NAC

Ensures that devices are configured to achieve optimum NAC solution performance.



Activate: a network device (SSH) and a configuration repository for a passive check.


Define rules and launch: Define the device rules and choose between launching on-demand or scheduled checks.


Check the results: See the results (checks, discoveries, etc.) from centralized dashboards.

Case use

Compliance caso de uso 1

Pedro is a security platform administrator at a government contractor with some 500 employees.

Compliance caso de uso 2

Pedro’s most frequent tasks are dealing with user support issues, managing configurations and mitigating vulnerabilities on network devices.

Compliance caso de uso 3

Every year, Pedro spends a third of his working day managing the configurations of his network devices.

Compliance caso de uso 4

He also puts a lot of time into day-to-day reporting tasks, responding to audit requests. This means he neglects other key tasks that are within his remit.

Compliance caso de uso 5

With the deployment of NDC, the module has now taken over reporting and configuration management tasks. Pedro can now concentrate his efforts on strategic and non-operational tasks.

Compliance caso de uso 6

As he no longer spends a third of his day on operational and reporting tasks, Pedro is dedicating more time to providing added-value, while the company’s auditing processes and security tasks have been optimized.

About the module

Algunos de nuestros clientes hablan sobre los resultados obtenidos tras la implementación del módulo de la solución OpenNAC Enterprise.

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