OpenNAC Enterprise

The OpenNAC Enterprise network access control (NAC) solution is an internationally renowned solution to increase network security via visibility, control and compliance of all the devices connected to the company network.


Adaptability and modularity

The adaptability to the real needs of companies of OpenNAC Enterprise via its modular approach (7 modules) has been recognized by organizations and institutions such as Gartner, ECSO or the CCN-CERT among others.

Agnostic solution

Having all the technology associated with a single vendor carries great risk due to technology dependency, so OpenNAC Enterprise integrates with multiple vendors, thus avoiding vendor lock-in.


The ability to share information between security solutions is increasingly necessary and in high demand. OpenNAC Enterprise interoperability allows you to share context and information to and from various pieces of your security strategy / stack.

cabecera 2SRA

Reduce the risk of identity theft by adding a second factor of authentication

Performs the authorization of devices connected to the network, establishing compliance with minimum requirements

Monitors the traffic between the user and the system to identify anomalous behavior

It enforces the Zero Trust approach by allowing users to access only essential information and resources base on their identify and entity.

cabecera compliance

Simplify and accelerate audit processes from a single and simple interface.

Automate audit tasks on a scheduled basis

It implements the configuration verification rules required to adapt to standards and best practice frameworks.

Ensures that devices are configured to achieve optimum NAC solution performance.

cabecera visibility

Automates the discovery and inventory of 100% devices connected to the corporate network

Automatic profiling and classification of devices connected to the network.

Get real-time communication flows, the network protocols used and behaviour statistics.

Facilitates compliance with standards and best practice frameworks.

cabecera BYOD

Allows you to inherit all the permissions associated with the identity of each user

Corporate users will be able to access the network regardless of the device they use through an authentication work flow.

Ensures infrastructure security compliance with corporate policies

cabecera UNAC

It is a decision definition and enforcement point that allows you to blocking, permit or limit access to the network depending on the criteria you establish.

Delivers complete control over network infrastructure regardless of it is comprised of numerous vendors and versions.

Full Authentication and Authorization – Share and collect data through API connectivity.

It enables forensic work in which; it is possible to find out who is connected, where, since when, or what is their configuration etc.

cabecera GUEST

External users and their devices go through an authentication process to access the corporate network.

Connectivity is efficiently provided to third parties keeping the corporate network secure.

Get all devices to comply with security requirements and regulations.

The process is automated, and the involvement of the IT department is reduced.

cabecera Segmentation

Automatically segment corporate networks by determining the network section to which each device will be assigned.

Each user is assigned to the appropriate VLAN dynamically and automatically guarantee the principal of minimum access.

It articulates different components of the network to increase authentication and authorization actions.

Respond to threats by isolating devices and respond to incidents just in time by reporting impact and their evolution.

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