OpenNAC Enterprise is the only solution
that offers security module by module

Gartner recognizes us as an alternative and modular NAC solution

OpenNAC Enterprise is the only solution that offers module security. Providing the best security that adapts to your current situation, providing results in less time and with less effort.

The modularity of our solution could be increased according to the security maturity of your organization

01 Visibility

Get 100% visibility of the assets connected to your corporate network

  • Explosion IoT devices, Infrastructure, external users and suppliers
  • Get a traceability in each connection
  • It allows to respond to audits and any attack
  • Automatically categorizes each critical asset (GDPR) in real time
02 Universal Network access control

Ensure that the identity and authorizations of users and devices are the first of the defense against threats

  • Simplifies the access control of assets in wired networks, Wi-fi and virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Single point of decision and application of access policies
  • Integration and / adaptation with other security solutions NGFW / SIEM
03 Network segmentation

Segment your network simply, and protect critical assets against advanced threats

  • It allows to segment the network and apply any function to an intrusion
  • It allows you a quick execution, reducing the impact on your business before an attack
  • Protects and isolates critical assets (GDPR)
  • Easy segmentation of IoT devices
04 Compliance

Ensures security compliance with corporate and regulatory policies

  • Define and apply the security policies established by the company
  • Demonstrate responses to attacks Measures the effectiveness of security controls and demonstrates compliance
05 Secure BYOD adoption

Provides secure access to employee mobile devices

  • Discover, control and monitor BYOD behaviors
  • Optimizes resources, reducing the user registration process
06 Guest access control

Guest access control

  • Compliance with GDPR regulations
  • It adapts your network dynamically to the changing needs and access of multiple guest users
07 S2SRA Secure Remotes Access

Establish a secure and verified connection (2FA) for remote connections

  • Verify the users identify using AD/LDAP and 2FA
  • Guarantee the security posture of the remote device
  • Establish a secure communication channel (VPN)
  • Apply access policy based on security posture and user permissions
  • Continually monitor traffic end to end to assist in anomaly detection