Esta es tu red corporativa. ¿Ves todo lo que está conectado? Nosotros sí.

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How to secure your OT with basic security hygiene

Open Cloud Factory shares this practical Gartner report to help organizations identify and apply practical security next steps in OT

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OpenNAC Enterprise Solution

Do you have visibility and control of all the assets connected to your network?

Our OpenNAC Enterprise solution, regardless of the type of device and how it connects, automatically discovers, identifies and categorizes all external assets that connect to your corporate network, giving you full visibility into what is happening in your network.

With OpenNAC Enterprise you can reduce and decrease the risk and impact of disruptive attacks. In addition, OpenNAC Enterprise is a completely modular solution, which allows total flexibility according to your own needs.

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Our OpenNAC Enterprise solution is Software first in 100%

It is qualified by Gartner as the leading European solution in NAC technology

OpenNAC Enterprise solution is deployed in private, public and on-premise cloud

“In Alfa Group, we were evaluating other NAC solutions, but the deployment was slow and painful, with openNAC, we started to get results immediately”

Juan Alonso Villanueva - CISO in Alfa Corporation
Modular Solution

The only modular solution of market security

OpenNAC Enterprise Solution is the only solution that offers module security. Providing the best security that adapts to your current situation, providing results in less time and with less effort.

The modularity of our solution could be increased according to the security maturity of your organization

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